Original art is difficult for some to get their hands on. It is a high-price luxury, and for good reason. Behind each piece is intense thought, costly materials, and a life spent paying attention to experiences that may one day become something tangible. Paying attention to the colors while walking through St. James's Park in London, a conversation had with a stranger on a bridge one evening in Interlaken, Switzerland, the feeling after hearing the chord you helped create ring through the supreme silence of the Walt Disney Concert Hall filled to capacity. My work is mainly abstract. Abstract landscapes, abstracts built around a color I had stuck in my head for days, abstracts of moments I brought back from my mind palace. After years of discovery, I am ready to share my world with you.



2017 Literati Bookstore, Ann Arbor, Michigan

2017 Local Makers West Elm, Las Vegas, Nevada

2017 "Peace" album cover, Brumby

2017 Unbridled Gallery 205, Columbia, Tennessee

2017 "Leave a Light On" album cover, Brumby



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